Active once again!

2010-09-10 03:55:42 by T-Zero

I've finally decided to start releasing some new material! So be on the lookout for many new songs!

Kevin Bacon

2010-04-01 10:58:46 by T-Zero

Kevin Bacon is a faggot who has apparently hacked Fuck him and I hope he dies of aids.

New Shit

2009-09-09 15:52:50 by T-Zero

I have two new songs out for your listening enjoyment. Please check them out they are In the Night Sky and Beneath the Surface. No more news to report really. I broke my pads but I'm getting new ones shipped!

Nothing New

2009-08-15 01:26:37 by T-Zero

I'm back home in Saint Louis for a few weeks so nothing new has been produced. I return to AZ monday but I don't expect to be producing until I return to STL with my computer. Anyways, enjoy my music regardless especially the newest song: Reciprocation. Thanks for your support!

New Song Up

2009-06-27 17:38:09 by T-Zero

Just posted a new song, God of the Drug, which I am quite proud of. It took me a lot of work just to get it converted but I found a great program in the process. It's called Audacity and it's the best MP3 converter out there and best of all it's free. Anyways, check out the new song and let me know what you think, please vote!

Digital Captain

2009-06-14 17:52:36 by T-Zero

Just uploaded Digital Captain, my latest creation. It turned out pretty good but I wish I could do more solo work but I just can't seem to get the recording funtion to work properly. More on that later. Hopefully I'll get another song converted and uploaded by the end of the day so look forward to that.

New Stuff

2009-06-11 20:30:45 by T-Zero

It takes me a lot of work to get these songs into the right format and the right size to fit on this website so that's why you haven't seen my second post for the day yet. Don't worry it will be up by the end of the day. Like I said it just takes a lot of time (2-3 conversions per song :( ). BUT MORE IS COMMING I ASSURE YOU!

Upload Limits

2009-06-10 18:16:58 by T-Zero

Unfortunately I am only allowed TWO uploads per day so the rest of my songs will just have to wait to be uploaded. I wish I could have uploaded my favorite but I went out of order and started with the most recents. Anyways, I'm glad I finally joined this community and I'm happy to finally share my music with the world. Help me out and give me good criticism! Any comments are good comments, I'm no pussy.